Last Day to pay DPP

Last Day to pay your student's DPP is THIS Friday, September 15th.

If a family does not make the DPP payment by the due date, the device will not be covered and the family is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if necessary and is not due to a manufacturer issue.

PUSD provides the optional Device Protection Plan (DPP).

Enrollment in the plan will minimize the potential repair and/or replacement fees associated with the device.

Plan payment of $25 annually per device maintains the device enrollment in the DPP.

Enrollment in the DPP does not begin until the $25 payment has been received.

The DPP will have a family maximum of $75 based upon the enrollment of three or more students.

Your Device Protection Plan (DPP) can be paid online at www.pusd10.org and click on Webstore.

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