Special Services

Last Updated: 8/31/2022 8:16 PM

Director of Special Services
Dr. Jennifer Murphy
Phone: 928-472-5800
Fax: 928-472-2008

Our district provides Individual Education Plan (IEP) driven programs for high and low incidence disabilities. All district students with vision, hearing, physical or occupational therapy (PT/OT), speech/language needs receive services from fully certified/licensed providers. The district has two licensed school psychologists. All students receive services based on their documented needs and IEP team decisions. Support staff and instructional support personnel are provided as need dictates.

Lil' Longhorn Preschool Coordinator

Gretta Cox

JRE Campus

Terri Legassie


SPED Data Clerk

Stacy Ernst

Office Technicians

Tamara Hannasch

Office Technicians

Shari Spence

Occupational Therapy Provider

Erica Georges, OT

Physical Therapy Provider

Danna Brooks, DPT

School Psychologist

Gabrielle Bibars

School Psychologist

Dawn Soriano

Speech Provider

Amy Beier, MS/CCC-SLP

Speech Provider

Brenda Ortlund, SLT

Speech Provider

Vicki Jensen, MS/CCC-SLP

Speech Provider

Cassidy Kelton, MS




(GATE) is a coordinated and comprehensive structure of informal and formal services provided on a continuing basis intended to effectively nurture gifted learners. Please contact your child's teacher if you wish to discuss screening your child for gifted placement in the district.

Scott Greenhalgh - PUSD Gifted teacher/coordinator
Sharon Plumb - Special Services