Engineering 1 class is creating a model of a human elbow!

Engineering Class

Currently, the Engineering 1 class is learning about the 6 simple machines and how they can be combined to form complex machines.  We are putting this idea to use by creating a model of a human elbow using VEX Robotics parts.  The students document their designs in their engineering notebooks, including sketches, isometric drawings, data they have gathered, and outlining the steps of the design process.  Soon they will test their designs and design parts to create on the 3D printer to improve the functionality of their model arm.

Concurrently, the class is working as a team on a long term project called a Rube Goldberg machine.  This project combines all the concepts and skills we learn throughout the curriculum.  It also allows the students to practice communication, teamwork, project management, and time management. 

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